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Trying on clothes is really hard when you hate yourself. Liking someone is really hard when you hate yourself. Eating is really hard when you hate yourself. Life is really hard when you hate yourself.

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showing music to friends

me:dude check out this band
friend:what kind of music is it
me:its shitty fuckin twinkle emo music that's all it ever is

remember to drink lots of water, because your insides are a swampy bog and a water shortage would affect the local frog population

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Oh yeah that’s right I’m doin me

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What am I doin

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as we grow older, we are taught to put homework first, always. we are taught to set aside our interests to complete busy work. we are taught to indulge in time fillers, rather than doing what we really want. and so then, once in a blue moon, when we happen to have a day of no work, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. we forget what it means to be spontaneous; we learn to sit at a desk and focus. and I think that’s a shame

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